Falpro is an established European brand offering a portfolio of innovative products for the construction sector. Its German-designed, German-made Falpro Fall Protection unit is a game-changer that increases construction safety and worker efficiency. With over 2,000 at sites throughout Europe, and tested and approved for use in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, the Falpro Fall Protection system is OHSA- compliant, ANSI-tested, and ready for rollout in the United States.
Construction companies have a moral and legal obligation to provide safe work environments for crews. They must also meet any and all regulatory requirements specific to their site locations. In the U.S., these regulations are put in place by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA). Failing to meet safety requirements can have mortal consequences. It can also result in fines—and lawsuits should accidents occur. An organization’s employee morale, motivation, productivity, and retention, and hiring ability are also subsequently affected—all negatively impacting the bottom line.
It’s also true that the COVID pandemic delayed many new construction projects in recent years, resulting in built-up demand. Worldwide, the construction sector has been seen as a significant driver for economies recovering from the pandemic.
In the U.S, the immense infrastructure bill will further fuel demand for construction work—and every new project and site will require safety equipment. As of March 2022, puts the current size of the U.S. safety equipment and supplies distributors market at $21 billion.

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